I think the library is one of my favourite places to be. Ever! So it always baffles me when people seem to dismiss it as old-fashioned or boring. Friends in the past have looked at me in amazement when I’ve said I went to the library at the weekend. What’s the shock? It’s an amazing place. My library even used to have a coffee machine. That’s not actually one of my three reasons but it definitely should be a fourth!

With all the cuts going on in Britain at the moment it makes me sad to think that so many libraries are going to have to shut down, as to me a library is an essential part of any society- without books, how do we learn? How do we understand about different times, cultures and people? How do we develop as a reader? So here are three reasons why I love my library and I think more people should visit theirs! 🙂

1. The library is, believe it or not, free! IT COSTS NOTHING!

So many times I have borrowed a book from the library that looked great, then when I read it at home it turned out to be rubbish. But the next time I go to the library, I can take it back. It really is that easy. If I had bought that book, I would have wasted my money when I could have just borrowed it from the library.

I am not against buying books- I often buy books I haven’t read from charity shops or even from  shops like Waterstones. But with a library system at your fingertips that is so easy to use, why bother wasting money on books you’re not sure whether you’ll like? I would also say that I would never have read as many books as I have without a library, as I can’t afford to go and buy new books every week. That would mean that, with the library, I have double the knowledge and double the understanding than if I had simply ignored this brilliant system.

2. Study space

The library is the perfect place if, like me, you share a room with someone- my room being shared with a noisy nine-year old- and it can be the perfect sanctuary for getting some studying done or even for finishing your book in the quiet.

Countless times I have gone to the library the day before a big exam to write a final practice essay, or to go over my flash cards one last time. I find it difficult to study at home as there are too many distractions: the computer, all my favourite books around me, facebook, the TV… Whereas in the library there is a quiet, calm environment, and plenty of space to do last-minute revision. Who knows, the library could be the difference between a B and an A!

3. A second home!

The library is literally my second home. Cheesy as it sounds, I cannot remember a month where I have not gone to the library- whether it’s been a mobile library, my school library or one of my local libraries. I can relax there and feel at home there. The librarians smile and say hello to me there. Whenever I go in to study I have a chat with a French tutor who volunteers for the library and we discuss university, books and French. I feel when I walk into a library that I will always feel welcome and wanted and this is a feeling that I would not miss for the world. So many of my memories are wrapped up in libraries. I believe that more people should appreciate the amazing library system, as well as the community inside it.

So there you have it- three reasons why I love the library and I think more people would, if they gave it a go!

Comment below if you have any thoughts on books you like to read from the library or just want to talk about books 🙂

Happy reading!


Currently reading: ‘My Cousin Rachel’ by Daphne Du Maurier