Hi there! I realise it’s not been long since my last post, but thought I’d use my holiday wisely and the lovely avathenerd nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, so thank you sooo much!! Go check out her blog for lots of reads, rhythms and ruminations! She also gave me some invaluable help when linking to others blogs as I’m not so great with technology, so thanks for that as well! Basically, just thank you! 🙂

So, on with the post! The rules for the award are:

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  2. Thank the person who gave you this award (and include a link to their blog)
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
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So, as far as I can see I’ve already done the top two, so now for 7 things about myself. I thought I’d go for 7 things I love, as we all need a bit of love in our lives! 🙂

Number 1: I love history. So much.

This one may be obvious from the name of my blog and the majority of my posts-  but I LOVE history. It’s actually starting to get to the stage where I imagine myself in another century. Probably more often than I should. I just love the buzz I get when I think or learn about history and hope to carry on learning about the people who have come before us into the future.

Number 2: I love the French language.

Don’t get me wrong- I love English- but when I’m learning French in class there’s something so mesmerising about the way it sounds and I just love to listen to the language. I could literally listen to someone speaking French all day. Honestly. I wouldn’t understand half of it (unless they were talking about the issues with global warming, which is our current topic and is something we will never actually need to talk about while in France). But I just love the language.

Okay, so this is starting to feel like the personal statement I’ve been writing for applying for uni, so now for some lighter ones…

Number 3: I love profiteroles.

Definitely lighter than going into the French language in-depth. I just adore any kind of pastry, but profiteroles are my absolute favourites. There’s something just so beautiful about a chunk of pastry big enough to fit in your mouth in one (not that I ever do that 😉 ) that’s covered in chocolate and has cream in the middle.

Number 4: I love pizza.

I promise this will be the last food based one, but our lives all revolve around food, so why not mention it as much as possible?? I have to admit, I stole this one off avathenerd when she first nominated me, but it was too good to miss mentioning- pizza is just amazing. The simpler the toppings the better in my opinion.

Number 5: I love Sylvia Plath’s writing.

Perhaps this is another heavy one but I genuinely have fallen in love with ‘The Bell Jar.’ I love all the themes it handles and the character of Esther is so brilliant because she’s so real- no woman- young or old- could read ‘The Bell Jar’ and say they did not relate to Esther in any way, she just appeals to the universal reader in a way not many characters do.

Number 6: I love school

Don’t get me wrong- I do actually have a social life- I don’t just sit inside reading Plath and eating profiteroles (not that that’s a bad thing 🙂 ) but I really really love school. And not just school in general, but my school and I felt like that had to make the list, as nerdy and weird as it may sound. Although I’m excited to see what will happen in the future with University etc, I’m still slightly gutted I’ll have to leave my school and all my amazing friends next year. Sorry, I know, deep…. 🙂

Number 7: I love blogging and reading and writing.

Reading has been something I’ve always loved- and I’ve always loved to write as well, but it’s only recently I started blogging, thinking I would be rubbish at it and worried it would become addictive. The first one was a silly worry as blogging is so great and, once you get the hang of some technical stuff, fairly easy. The second one, less so! I’m always buzzing with a new idea for a post or buzzing because someone has liked my previous post and I love it! I’m hoping to do some future posts focused around creative writing as I absolutely love it and it would be amazing to write some of it on my blog 🙂

My Nominations:

These are all blogs that I love, with some having followed me since the start of my journey.





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Nobody has to feel obliged to do the award post but if you want to it would be great, I really enjoyed doing mine. 🙂

Thank you to all those who have supported me on my blogging journey from the very beginning and those who are still supporting me today- liking my posts, commenting on my work and just generally making me realise that people actually like what I’m blogging, which is a really nice feeling. I am completely and utterly chuffed to say that I have THIRTY-SEVEN followers, so thank you to every one of them!!

And thank you again to the brilliant avathenerd !!

Happy reading!

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