Hi! I have so many films I love to watch again and again and Christmas is the perfect time to get out those feel-good films that make life so perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚ These films are in no particular order and are not necessarily Christmas films- they’re just films I love and make me feel happy!

1. ‘Music and Lyrics’

I absolutely love this film and this is one I love to watch with my parents- they love it just as much as me! It’s about a ‘has been’ music star who was a member of the ’70s sensation band ‘pop’ (so similar to the real band ‘Wham’ it’s unreal) and must now write a song for the current, trendy, popular signer, Cora. After trying out failed attempts at writing this song he hears his ‘plant lady’ (woman watering his plants) humming some lyrics and they join together to write the song Cora demands. Obviously, love follows but it really is a funny, light comedy that puts you in a good mood! Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are also really funny together.

2. ’10 Things I Hate About You’

OMG, I love this film so much! Kat, the main character, is just so cool and feisty. Her love interest, Patrick Verona, is also a fab character and I just adore this whole film! This film is about two sisters, one of whom is desperate to go out with someone (Bianca) and the other who isn’t interested in boys (Kat), so their overprotective father says Bianca can date, when Kat does. Cameron, a boy interested in Bianca, sets up a plan to get Patrick Verona to go out with Kat, so that Bianca can date him, but then it all gets really confusing as people start falling for people they shouldn’t and it ends up in a mess, which is fitting really, as it’s based on ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by William Shakespeare, an author known for his confusing plot twists! It really is such an amazing film!

3. ‘About a Boy’

Sorry, another Hugh Grant one, no reason for that, just all great films. ‘About a Boy’ is about a lonely man and a misfit of a boy who come together in a weirdly founded friendship. Although this film has some darker undertones- the young boy’s mum is incredibly depressed and attempts suicide and the man constantly ponders his ‘meaningless’ life- it is also really funny and I found the more difficult issues were dealt with well-not laughing at them exactly but showing the positives in every situation and the way even bad situations can have comical outcomes. This is also a book by Nick Hornby which I really want to try, although haven’t yet!

4. ‘Love, Rosie’

This is such an amazing film, it’s so funny and yet sad at the same time, it’s just beautifully made. Not to mention it features Sam Claflin… The film follows two students who are best friends but also, clearly, have feelings for each other (typical, I know…). Then a lot of things happen (like loads of things) and it ends up in Alex moving over to America, while Rosie stays in England after having an unexpected pregnancy from a guy she goes to prom with and who isn’t really that great a person.

At first she thinks her life is over but then she ends up bringing her child up alone and the way her and her mother bond, as well as all the other cute moments along the way, are just adorable to watch and really makes for a moving, cosy, cute film. Great for when you feel down.

5. ‘About Time’

Bear with me on this one, it is amazing. ‘About Time’ is about Tim, a young man who finds out the men in his family can travel through time, only to places in their own past, but they can use it to try to amend mistakes and find happiness. So he uses it to try and find a girlfriend and meets Mary, a really cute girl who is just amazing, played by Rachel McAdams.

Other stuff happens on the way but it’s such a cute romance between the two characters and their life together is really lovely. Tim’s awkwardness is so cute as well and the way he uses his time travelling skill to fall in love with Mary makes the romance all the cuter, as well as how he uses it to help his family and friends.

So those are the films I will definitely be re-watching over the Christmas holidays (in between revision and even more school work…) and I know I will love them even more the second/third/fourth time I watch them!!

What are your all-time favourite films to cuddle up under a blanket with? What do you think you’ll be re-watching over the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!! Also let me know if there are any word prompts to write a creative writing piece based on, see Creative Writing- โ€˜Stationโ€™!

Happy reading!

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