Hi again! I hope everyone’s having a happy holiday, only one more sleep!! This is another creative writing piece, something I’m trying to do once every month or so, so I hope you enjoy it! Check out my last creative writing post, Creative Writing- ‘Station’!

As always, let me know in the comments any word prompts for my next piece of creative writing- I got this one again from an online word generator. Any word is fine, just the first, random word which comes into your mind!! I think it’s a great challenge for someone who loves creative writing and is trying to get better at it!


The snow falls in small flakes, smaller than earlier. Earlier the wind was throwing flakes everywhere, making my eyes go dizzy, my whole window turned white. Laying on my bed, staring up at the sky, the crystals had turned and raged with the wind, swirling this way and that, like some kind of ballet, but now the air is calm.

Peeping out of the window now, the world has been transformed, every tree dusted with snow, every house coated in a thick layer of frosted icing. The snow cushions everything, all noises gone. People no longer shout, but whisper, their voices turned softer by the enveloping silence that has followed the earlier rage of snow and wind. The city in the distance is just mist and it looks like a blanket has been dropped over it, a blanket of white that will surely soon be tarnished. But for now it looks beautiful.

I pull on my boots, all in a rush. School has been cancelled, the raging snow of earlier stopping buses and trams, meaning the teachers couldn’t make it in. I live near enough to walk, but any excuse for a day off I’ll take and instead of sitting in a cold classroom, I intend to walk through the park, loving to see how the woods and trees have changed since the snowfall.

I wrap up warm, making sure my gloves are pulled right up to my wrists to avoid snow creeping up my sleeve. I set off for the woods, the early afternoon sun glinting in the sky as the snow comes to a halt. By evening this beautiful picture will have dissolved, the sky will be dark and the only sign of snow will be the grey sludge which fills the streets months after it has gone, but  for now it’s beautiful.

Walking through the woods, my feet crunching on the path, my face uplifted to look at the sky peeping though the canopy of the snow-covered trees, I am hit with a great sense of calm, peace, happiness. With weather like this I can forget it’s early February, with nothing interesting happening and nothing to look forward to, and instead pretend that soon it will be Christmas and we will be hanging up or stockings over a roaring fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed it! What do you think I should write my next piece of creative writing about? What are you doing this year for your holidays? Let me know all this, plus any bookish thoughts, in the comments below!!

Happy reading and happy holidays! 🙂

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