So, today I got a notification to tell me I have reached 100 followers on my blog! I am so amazed – when I started this blog in August I imagined that I and I alone would be the one reading it, but I have absolutely loved reading everyone else’s posts and writing my own, as well as meeting all the brilliant bloggers out there in the blogging community, that have made me feel instantly welcome!

So I thought that, for this post, I would take the time to thank all those people who have followed me and added up to the 100 total! Kind of like a blog acceptance speech…

I would like to give a big thank you to Niraja@fantasticbooksandwheretofindthem, novelgossip, randomreads, Donna@chocolatenwafflesblog and thesepaperwords. These blogs were the first ever to follow me and I owe a lot to them for showing me the ropes, and for giving me the confidence to make my blog more public, to enjoy the feeling of getting my ideas out there! Thank you!

I would also like to thank all the more recent bloggers that have followed my blog.  Sean@kingdombookblog for creating a brilliant weekly tag, Queen Mery@ MyParisianBookshelf for her book suggestions, FictionFan for constantly liking my work and avathenerd for some much needed gravatar advice (which seems to be fixed now!!). I could name so many other people, but I’m scared if I add any more links there will basically be one hundred people included in this post!

Thank you again if you follow me, I really appreciate this blogging community, even if I do sometimes use it as a way to avoid school work 😉

Happy reading!

Currently reading: ‘A Closer Look at Ariel’ by Nancy Hunter Steiner

P.S- More creative writing posts coming soon, let me know of any suggestions for my pieces, I’m running out of spontaneous inspiration! 🙂

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