Hi there! There are so many sad and negative stories in the news and media, and there are so many events going on in the world that make us feel sad and scared for the way humanity is going. Brexit, Trump, the what-seems-like-constant terrorist attacks, with one happening in my own capital just a month ago. The hate attacks and the riots, the inequality and lack of tolerance. All of it is important to discuss and remember, but often people can become obsessed with negativity. Particularly with political events, many feel the need to comment and discuss them until the whole national mood hits rock bottom.

So today, I thought I’d write a post trying to encourage people to stay positive and remember that, despite the horrific things that have been happening around the world- whether on a personal or a national level- there is always reason to be happy and to stay positive throughout it all. So I want to share three things I’m feeling thankful for today- and everyday- and these are things that I know not everyone has, and therefore I am incredibly grateful for each and every one. May be a little cheesy, but sometimes people just need a little lift, something to put a spring in their step, instead of lamenting the situation of society and the awful events which have peppered the last couple of years.

1. My family and friends…

I am incredibly, completely, totally grateful for my family and friends. I know, so predictable! But it’s true, and not everyone has the kind of support I have been lucky enough to enjoy. I am grateful that I have an amazing family who support my decisions and, the panicky person I am, my parents and sister always know how to calm me down and help me to get myself out of any situation, and more importantly, they let me spew all the things that have been going round in my head, and make me realise that I sometimes need to get out of my own head. My family encourage me to do everything and anything I want to do- and sometimes push me to do things I’m worried about doing, and for that, I am grateful. My friends also play a great role in my life, and no matter the stress at school, they are always there to help me make light of the situation, which again, adds positivity and happiness to my life.

2. I am a woman…

Okay, a bit odd, but I am so happy and proud to be a woman and, especially in today’s society, where women are beginning to gain some equality, it makes me feel proud to see those of my fellow sex campaigning and petitioning for the equality that I also stand for. I am grateful and happy to be a strong woman and a feminist, and I think that the happiness this brings should not be understated.* I am also so grateful that I live in a country and society where women are given at least some equality. When I look at other countries, where women are imprisoned or worse for expressing views about equality, it makes me grateful that I live somewhere where my views as a woman will almost always be cherished and, although I know we have a long way to go, I am grateful that we have come this far and that I live in this society.

“One is not born a woman. One becomes one.” – Simone de Beauvoir

3. Where I live…

I am grateful for where I live. I live in a beautiful area of the city, with parks and trees, but also it’s only a quick bus ride to the centre of town, which means that my area is quiet and peaceful, but not completely dead! In a way, I’m sad that I’ll be moving to University next year, although I’m also grateful for the opportunity to study 😉 I also love England- I know people moan about this country but, really, comparing the country to others, I really don’t see what is wrong with it! The weather can be a bit off, but we hardly ever get freak or disastrous weather and on the whole I’d say it’s pretty good (it’s been boiling this weekend!!). This country also has relative equality and tolerance, and even free healthcare, so I am so grateful to live in both a lovely area, and the country in general! That sounds a bit like an advert, but it’s true 😉

If anyone wants to follow my lead and create a post with their things that they are most grateful for at the moment, or just generally in life, tag me in and I can read all your brilliant reasons. Maybe that way we can spread the positivity and beat all the negativity. There will never be a world that has complete tolerance, equality or happiness, but perhaps by spreading positivity, we can increase the positivity of the blogosphere… then we’ll tackle the world after that 🙂

Happy reading!

Currently reading: ‘The Moonstone’ by Wilkie Collins

*Despite the advances we have made, a boy at my debate club recently stood up and said “As everyone knows, I am not a feminist.” Of course, I shut him down with the obvious, “So you don’t think men and women should be equal? Because that is what feminism is.” Needless to say, he denied this… Look up the definition!! 😉