Hi again! Today I wanted to welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere! I absolutely love speaking to other people on the blogosphere- in fact,  I’d say it’s one of my favourite things about blogging.

So I thought, why not introduce a brand new blogger here on my blog, so that they too can enjoy the joys of the blogosphere and of engaging with those who love the same things as you!

So without future ado, I introduce the Yorkshire Yogini. Kate is just starting up a new blog after her love of yoga and all things natural led her towards becoming a yogini. She’s recently qualified as a yoga teacher and she loves to discuss everything to do with natural, healthy living and yoga, as well as writing and reading of course! She’s also passionate about where she lives, hence the name!

I really recommend you check out her blog (seriously, why are you still reading this, you should be there now!) and I’m sure that, whatever you’re into, you’ll find something exciting and great on there! Whether you’re interested in learning some new yoga poses, or you want to know how to keep healthy without all the fuss of diets, this is the blog to go to!

I’m finishing my exams soon, so I’ll have lots more time to do the blogging that I love, hopefully publishing a review each week!! But until then, I hope you enjoy the occasional posts, and don’t mind that I seem to have gone into hiding!

How far off are you from finishing exams? What takes up your precious blogging time? Have you ever tried yoga or would you fancy giving it a go? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy reading!

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