Happy Monday everyone! This is a somewhat impromptu post, and I wasn’t actually planning on posting anything today, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on growing your own plants! This has nothing to do with books, sorry, but I wanted to share some mindful thoughts on growing my plants.

Recently I decided to grow two plants on my windowsill. I bought them cheap because they were supposedly out of date, but they grew just as well as normal plants (showing that best before dates really are a load of rubbish!). The plants have grown so messy and wild that it makes me happy just looking at them, and I love how I managed to grow a tiny little seed into a full grown flower.

The first plant to really grow flowers was the pansies I planted, and each of the pansies are a mixture of a shade of purple and yellow, with the shades varying between the deepest violet to light lilac, and each flower just looks so vibrant (when I remember to water it) and lovely on my windowsill. I’ve always thought pansies were bright and happy-looking flowers, and I’ve found that I have gained a lot of happiness from growing this simple flower. Although full-scale gardening doesn’t appeal to me, I can see why people do it- it must be such a mindful practice if I have found growing my own plants so calm and mindful!


The first picture I took!


The second plant is lobelia. This is a beautiful, wild growing plant which seems to just grow and grow, getting more tangled, taller and more interesting by the minute. I love this plant, as the small blue/purple flowers are so delicate, and yet the plant itself is so wild and tangled that it’s just really nice to look at. The fact that it’s so wild and abandoned is also great, as, although I’ve tried to tame it and I’ve had a hand in growing it, it still looks like the wild flowers that I love when walking through my local woods.


The Lobelia is even wilder now!


So, apologies for the random post, but I think it’s always nice to share mindful and peaceful thoughts, and growing these plants has given me some kind of purpose and encouraged me to look after something. Normally I’m rubbish at looking after plants but, although they’re looking a bit limp now because I’ve not watered them, this time I’ve managed quite well to keep them alive! 😉

Have you ever felt a sense of achievement and mindfulness after growing your own plants? Do you enjoy sharing mindful moments and calmness, taking a break from posts on reading?! Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy reading!

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