Hello again! I decided that last Wednesday would be my last Worldwide Wednesday! I had so much fun writing about a different book related to a different country each Wednesday. If you’re still interested in doing your own Worldwide Wednesday post- go for it… and tag me in!

Today is Book Lovers Day, so I thought I’d do a post all about why I love books so much… and why I think more people would too, if they tried reading more often. So, these are five reasons why I love books, and why books are so important in life!

1. Books expand knowledge.

By reading, we pick up so much new vocabulary, and learn so many new things about the world around us. And I’m not just talking about non-fiction. While reading fiction books, I’ll often find out something I don’t know, and while reading books from the past I can learn so much about how people thought and acted in that time by just seeing how the author writes, and how the characters are depicted.

So many times while reading I’ll stumble across a word I don’t know and I’ll have to look it up, and this expands my vocabulary, meaning I have a greater knowledge of the world, as well as a greater amount of words in order to express my ideas.

2. Books make people feel welcome.

Books give people a sense of feeling welcome in the world. This has so many different strands to it- if people like the same books, they can bond over these books and feel welcomed into a certain group. This is the case with so many people nowadays, and with series’ such as Harry Potter, there are so many fans to connect with, all around the world, that people can’t help but use books as a way of welcoming them into a friendship group. I know I bonded with my primary school friends over the author Jacqueline Wilson, and book loving has only gone up since then!

This is the case as well with bloggers! Because of books, there are hundreds of book bloggers, who can talk to other book lovers and get a sense of fulfillment and happiness out of what they do, and who they talk to. Which is always a nice thing. Of course, book lovers have been helped extremely by the internet, but book bloggers need books in the first place to have anything to talk about!

3. An alternative reality.

Books provide an amazing alternative reality… And often a reality that is much more exciting and interesting than, well, reality. Whether a person has problems they want to forget, or they just want some casual escapism from an ordinary life, books are perfect for this. Unlike when watching TV or a film, with books you have to concentrate, meaning you can’t be thinking about other things, and can complete engross yourself in the story. I’ve found that often a book has been so engrossing that I’ve read it while walking home from school, trying to avoid walking into the middle of the road!

Books also have some amazing settings, and the amazing thing about books is that the author has complete freedom over their setting, one of the reasons I love books so much. Books can be as wild and crazy, or as ordinary and normal, as an author wants. This means that the reader gets the chance to slip into a crazy world completely different to their own, or can read about characters that are relatable- books are just that brilliant!

4. So much choice!

This kind of links to No.3 in that the author can write about whatever they want- any period in history, any country, any setting, with any characters of any species or nationality. The genres of books are so broad that they cover so many different topics, and I read books that often surprise me in their originality, which suggests that there are still ideas around for new novels!

With all this choice, and such a broad stretch of genres, it always amazes me when people proclaim themselves ‘not much of a reader.’ Without wanting to be rude, I want to say ‘Why?’ Why would you fail to not love books when the possibilities are literally endless, and when still today, after centuries of writing, authors are covering new subjects and exploring unknown, original genres?

5. Characters

I just love the characters in books! I think that relatable and real characters are amazing, and when a character touches me, and really relates to my own personality, their thoughts echoing mine, that book becomes an instant favourite. My favourite characters are probably women as I feel I can relate to them more, and I love it when an author uses a strong woman narrator, or just a strong woman character, that can be looked up to and relied on for encouraging an interesting read.

I also love it when characters have human faults, making them even more like real people! The characters in books are one of the reasons I love books, and so they had to make the list. Of course, I also love lots of other narratological aspects in books, but I thought I’d talk about just one!


I hope you enjoyed reading my reasons on why we should all love books! Why do you love reading books? Do you like books for similar reasons to me? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Happy reading!

Currently reading: ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen