So, I was planning on doing a completely different post to this- but then my notifications flashed up and it turns out my blog is a year old today ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I remember creating this blog so clearly! I was sat on my bed, messing around on my phone and I thought, why don’t I create a blog about books? I’d just finished ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell, and I was buzzing to talk about it with someone! It took me a while to come up with a name, and I bandied around ideas for ages, until I finally settled on something that conveyed my love of history, and which gave me the chance to do posts other than those simply related to books. And so, Not-So-Modern-Girl was born! And now I can’t believe that she’s already a whole year old!

This time last year I was worrying about collecting my AS results…and this year I’ve now finished my A-Levels, and this week I’m dreading collecting my A-Level results! This time last year I wondered where I would apply to University… and on Thursday, I’ll find out which University I’m going to and whether I’ve got my first choice! This time last year I was nervous to be starting my last year of school forever…and now I’m so sad it’s over!

So, that’s what’s happened in my world over the past year, but what has happened to Not-So-Modern-Girl during her first year of blogging? This post is a reflection on all the brilliant fun I’ve had blogging over this year, all the things I’ve posted about and the people I’ve talked to…

While blogging, I have met some amazing book bloggers, who never fail to amaze me in their support of my blog in my first year. Over the past years I have talked to bloggers such as fictionophile and lu reads, who were some of the first to follow me and who took a chance on a newbie blogger! Bloggers such as James J. Cudney IV, Laura Beth and Eva@brilliantlybookish have also been amazing, engaging in great book-related conversation and never failing to like my posts!

Over the past year I have written 67 posts (not including this one!) and each one has made me happy, knowing that someone has been reading it and enjoying what I have to say. I have written many posts on Daphne du Maurier and Sylvia Plath, and I think I will always enjoy the literary greats, and those authors often denied the credit they deserve, but I have also seen my reading habits change since blogging.

On the recommendation of bloggers such as Queen Mery and Jo’s Book Blog I have read more young adult books, such as ‘The Thousandth Floor’ by Katharine McGee and, although I’ve not enjoyed all the young adult books I’ve read (Cinder…) I think blogging has encouraged me to try genres I wouldn’t necessarily have tried.

Recently, I have also been receiving review requests, which is incredible, and I have loved reviewing James Morris’ book ‘Feel Me Fall’, as well as ‘Beyond the Pyre’ by Steve Costello. There may even be a few more reviews coming up on the horizon, although after I start University in September I think Not-So-modern-Girl may become more of a recluse… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have also posted some random posts that have sometimes had a tenuous link to reading and writing, and sometimes have been more lifestyle based, just a display of my random thoughts! I have also engaged in a hell-of-a-lot of listicle compiling since starting this blog, and I have loved finding new ways fit my favourite books into listicles!

One of the things I am most proud of over Not-So-Modern-Girl’s past year is the creation of tags! My first tag, The School Subjects Tag, was so much fun to create, and seeing it spread around the blogosphere was a joy, but the Listicle Tag was even more widespread, and I am so pleased that so many people participated- and continue to participate- in the tag! I was also incredibly excited to interview Cathy Cassidy for my blog, and that was definitely one of my blogging highlights.

I have also done numerous posts celebrating my love of history, as well as my love of French, which has been expressed several times in reviews of French books, as well as posts written in French!

Up to now I have had 3,378 views, with 1,284 visitors. They are such big numbers that it takes a minute to comprehend that that many people have visited my blog, from all around the world as well. I have 224 amazing followers– without you guys I literally would not have continued with this blog, as, as much as I enjoy writing this because, well, I enjoy writing it, I also love the feeling of knowing people have read and enjoyed reading my posts. There’s no warm fuzzy feeling quite like it.

One year on from creating this blog, I know a lot more about how to run a blog, and my advice to anyone would be that, if you’re nervous about starting a blog because you’re not ‘technical’ and you don’t know how everything works, just go ahead and make one! If I can get to grips with the more ‘technical’ stuff, then so can you.

It’s amazing how in one year I’ve managed to change this blog from a small blog, that I only really started for me to read, to something that, when you type in ‘Not so Modern Girl’ to google, it comes up with my site! I am so thankful for those people who took a chance on following a starter blogger, and after that I have just continued to grow and expand, even getting Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

So, although I start University in September, so I’m going to be doing fewer posts and taking a bit of a break from Not-So-Modern-Girl, I hope that this time next year I will have had as much fun blogging, talking to others and participating in tags as I have had this year, and I look forward to celebrating Not-So-Modern-Girl’s second birthday this time next year!

How long have you had your blog? What’s your favourite thing about blogging? Let me know all your thoughts on everything bookish in the comments below!

Happy reading!

Currently reading: ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ by Emily Barr