Hi there, just a quick post today! I saw this feature on Holly’s blog the other day, and I’m not sure where it originated, but I love anything feminist, and so I thought I’d do my own Feminist Friday post today. Check out her post for a great, feminist read.

I’ve done a few feminist posts recently, and so I thought I’d use this Feminist Friday to do a recap of all my feminist posts from the past few months. I gave up doing monthly wrap-ups ages ago, seeing as recently I’ve found it difficult to keep up with blogging because of University deadlines, so this is a kind of feminist update on posts from my blog.

Writing about feminism is so important, to understand another perspective on the world, or even to widen your horizons, and consider the experience of women across the world, and the challenges they face. I hope that you find something you can relate to in these posts, whether male or female!

1. Top 5 Role Models for Women Today

2.  International Women’s Day

3. Misogyny- what’s it all about?

4. Ireland: A Move in the Right Direction?

5. Review: ‘Everyday Sexism’ by Laura Bates

Thanks for checking in! Feel free to comment your many thoughts on any of these posts, I’d love to hear what you think, and whether you’ve had similar experiences to those I have written about. All thoughts welcome 🙂

Happy reading!