Hi again! I was recently nominated by Sophia Ismaa for the Flawesome Award. She also created this award, and I’m super excited to get going with it! Thank you so much for thinking of me πŸ™‚

The aim of this award is to celebrate our flaws, and changing our flaws into something positive. I love this idea, as everyone has insecurities, problems and worries about themselves, and everyone has a character trait which they sometimes wish they didn’t possess. But ultimately it is our flaws which make us human, and so it was about time someone created an award which celebrates these aspects of our daily lives.


  1. Link back to the creator – Sophia Ismaa Writes
  2. Display the award
  3. List 3 flaws and turn it into a strength
  4. Tag 10 other people

Top 3 Ways I am Flawesome:

1. I worry a lot, but I am never unprepared

I have always been a bit of a worrier- whether that’s about how I’m doing in class, how I come across to others, or the ins and outs of getting to and from a party on a Saturday night. And I’ve always seen this as a negative, as more than once it has inhibited me from having a good time. However, this aspect of my personality has meant that I am always prepared for situations.

Whether that’s reading up on a module in detail, or researching the route from the bus stop to the club. And therefore I have always been an organised person, as well as a worrier. It means that in terms of in University, I know what I’m doing (most of the time) and I am always prepared for situations, however much I might worry.

2. I find it hard to hide my true feelings, but you know if I like you

There have been so many situations when I’ve been with people I’m not that keen on, for whatever reason, and I’ve found it very hard to hide the fact that I dislike them. My friends always tease me about it, as I find it hard to hide my emotions.

However, this can also be a positive. Those people that I do like know that my feelings are true, and they will never be able to doubt how I’m feeling at a given time, or about a given person. I don’t tiptoe around the truth, and have often been called savage, but all in jest (mostly). I try to keep actually being mean to a minimum, and instead try to be blunt rather than straight up rude. To me, it’s pointless avoiding the truth, and my friends certainly know that about me πŸ˜‰

3. I’m an over-sharer, so I’m not afraid to talk about my feelings

There have been so many times when I’ve thought, why on earth did I spill all that to that person, or why do I always feel the need to tell people when there’s something on my mind? I’ve always admired people who keep their feelings to themselves and are private about their feelings. But I think anyone who knows me would agree, that just isn’t me. If there’s something on my chest, I have to get it off. But this can also be something positive.

While it can pay to have some discretion about certain things, it is so important to speak about your problems. It’s so much easier to solve a problem if you have another perspective, and even just sharing can get an issue off your mind. And so, while I cringe when I think of the times I have over-shared, I also think this shows how I am often in touch with my feelings. I also know what it feels like to want to share, and so I am always open to listen and help someone else who is hurting or concerned.

So there you have it! Three flaws which make me human- and ways in which they can be seen as positive.

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If you don’t take part in this kind of thing that’s absolutely fine! It’s a fun post to take part in, and I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to do the post! And don’t forget me to tag you in your award πŸ™‚

Happy reading!