Hi there, how are Christmas preparations going for everyone?! This is just a really quick post, as I realised I reached 800 followers the other day, and didn’t post about it! I’m so excited to have reached this milestone- it’s more than I ever expected and I really appreciate everyone who likes, reads and comments on my posts! Thank you 🙂

As well as saying thank you, I thought I would do a quick shout out to some posts I have really liked recently.

‘Jackaby’ William Ritter- booksarethenewblack

I really enjoyed this book review, as I completely agree that books so often create a love interest between two characters, simply because of their gender, and it was great to hear that this book steered clear of this. While it only received 3 stars, I think this is a book I would read over summer maybe, as an easy-to-read book! Check out the review now.

‘Archenemies’ by Marissa Meyer- merlinereads

I really liked this review, as it was very honest, and Merline has a great writing style for her blog posts! I don’t think this book would be my kind of thing, but even so I liked how Merline highlighted the importance of character growth for her, as this is something I look for in a good book as well.

‘The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat’ by Oliver Sacks- thebookprescription

The title of this book really caught my attention, and the review did not disappoint! While this is a non-fiction book, it sounds really interesting, and the area of neurology is both fascinating and terrifying, so I think this sounds like a fantastic read. Check out the review for what sounds like an interesting book 🙂

‘The Darkest Legacy’ by Alexandra Bracken- Sammy’s Shelf

This sounds like such an interesting read, and I’m so intrigued by this series! Sammy’s review was honest and thorough, and I think it’s really great how passionate they are about the characters in this series- it really got me interested in picking up a copy myself.

These are just a few of the posts I’ve enjoyed recently, and I hope you enjoy them as well- they’re definitely worth a read! And a big big big thank you to all my followers, old or recent, I love you all.

Have you read any of these books? Would you recommend them? Have you got any reviews you’ve written recently that you think I would like? Leave any thoughts in the comments below. And if you don’t already, feel free to check out my Instagram and Twitter for more updates, I’d love to hear from you, whatever your thoughts about my posts! I love feedback 🙂

Watch this space for a brand new review, coming Friday afternoon as always.

Happy reading!