I was tagged in this aaages ago by Alyssa Grace and I’ve finally got round to making this post! Sorry that it’s taken so long 🙂 This tag is all about celebrating your favourite dreamy book covers, and so I can’t wait to get started!


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So, on with the tag…

“No ideas but in things”: a book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside it

This book cover is a brilliant depiction of what the book is about, and there’s something about the simplicity of this cover which really appeals to me. The fact that this book focuses on homophobic and transgender issues is clearly portrayed by this cover. For a review of this book, click here.

“Sugary sweet”: A cute cover that is so fluffy you want to give it a hug

See the source image

This book was such a warm and fuzzy historical drama, and I really enjoyed this novel. The book cover is so beautiful, and just that image of a young woman, and all those poppies, makes me want to give it a big hug.

The simple aesthetic”: A book cover that stuns with the most minimalistic of design

See the source imageThis edition of the book is so striking in its simplicity, and I love the design which has been attributed to this cover, as it perfectly sums up the book, as well as catches the eye in its minimalist simplicity. The use of just one colour really adds to the minimalistic design of the whole thing.

“Cover envy”: A book cover you wish you had on your shelves, but don’t yet

See the source image

I love this little book, and this cover is sooooo pretty! Simple and striking, this book cover definitely makes me want to make this book a part of my collection. And the fact that it’s such a brilliant feminist text makes me all the more envious!

“Travelling abroad”: A book cover featuring a country outside of your own

See the source image

I absolutely love my edition of this book, which is set in Nigeria. As I am from the UK, it’s safe to say that the Nigerian culture is far removed from my own society and culture, and I loved immersing myself in Adichie’s home culture! How beautiful and striking is that cover ❤

“The colour wheel”: A cover that showcases one of your favourite colours

See the source image

This cover is so beautiful, and when it comes to book covers, I am just in love with the combination of black and white. Some of my favourite covers use this combination, and it’s just so effective, and pleasing to the eye.

“Switching gears”: A cover change you absolutely adore

See the source image

I’ve kind of cheated on this one, as I’m not sure whether this was a cover change, as this could have been the original cover, but I just needed to include this cover at some point as it is sooooo beautiful, and fits the book so well. I’ve also seen other covers of this book, and they’re just not as good.

“And winner is…”: Which book cover mentioned above is your favourite?

See the source image

I’ve already said how much I love this cover in the section above, and it’s just so beautiful ❤

I nominate…

bethrosediana / demireads / eyesofowls / readsbystacie / madbooklove / melanielovesfiction

That was actually so much fun! If you enjoy doing tags, please take part in this one 🙂 and if not, I hope you enjoy reading my choices, and find something new to pick up off the shelves!

Happy reading!


None of the images in this post are my own