Hi there! I got the idea for this post ages ago, from Sleeping Suburb So, I thought I would do a similar post, naming the top 5 things I have loved about blogging in the past couple of years that I’ve been doing it 🙂 (I realise this post was from a long time ago, but I just thought it would be a fun thing to do!)

So, here are 5 things I love about blogging…

1. Conversing with other bloggers

I know everyone will say it, but I just love to talk to other bloggers- everyone that I talk to is so sweet and lovely, and even when I write posts about controversial topics, I always get bloggers commenting their support. And it’s also nice to hear from people who challenge my ideas- blogging has made me appreciate the online community much more than I did in the past! When people comment that my post has inspired them to read a certain book, or has even just made them laugh, it really brings a smile to my face!

2. Gaining lots of followers!

It might seem selfish, but I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who gets a buzz when they see their following growing! I love to know that people thought my review or lifestyle post was interesting enough to make them want more, and so I have a great amount of love for all of those who follow me 🙂

3. Having a place to speak my mind

I love having somewhere I can express my thoughts freely, with nothing held back. Not many people from my personal life know about my blog, and so I feel like this is a place where I can speak my mind on any issues or ideas I have. Not that I don’t do that in real life anyway.

I also find that, after reading a book, I have lots and lots of thoughts about it, and so a blog is a great place to put all those thoughts down, and maybe even convince someone else to read some of my favourite reads 🙂

4. Being able to practise my writing

While I am studying two essay writing subjects at University, it’s nice to be able to practice my writing, whether that’s through a review or a lifestyle article. I love writing, and I would love to get into journalism some day, and so this blog feels like a way of connecting with people, and getting my writing out there.

5. Expanding on social media

While I’m not a massive fan of social media, I do enjoy expanding my blog on Twitter, and over the past couple of months I’ve loved creating Instagram as a place to share cute pictures of my books. It’s just a fun place to expand my blog, and I love taking pictures of books, as weird as it may sound 🙂

What are your top 5 things about running a blog? Is there anything you agree with in my list? Let me know all your thoughts below and I’ll check out all your brilliant blogs 🙂

Happy reading!