Hello again, welcome back! Today I thought I would talk about one of my favourite TV series’- Gilmore Girls! I recently read ‘Talking as Fast as I Can’ by Lauren Graham, so check out my review of that, it’s a funny, witty, and interesting read 🙂

I re-watch Gilmore Girls so much, and the fact that I know every line that is coming, and every witty remark before it’s even made, doesn’t seem to dampen the enjoyment I have. I watch it at Christmas when I’m back home for the holidays, with my sister whenever we haven’t got something to watch, and when I feel like I need a little lift at University.

Whenever I tell people who haven’t watched the series that I am, yet again, watching it from the beginning, they don’t understand how I can’t get bored. But the truth is, this really is the series that just keeps giving, and it beings a smile to my face every time I watch it.

One of the reasons I watch this show so much are the characters. While Lorelai and Rory are brilliant characters, every one of the characters in this show has a purpose, and they never fail to make me laugh or cry. There’s too many characters to name, but each and every one of them- from Luke to Kirk- plays a brilliant role in the lives of the Gilmore Girls.

I love Miss Patty, and her gossiping. I love Emily and Richard, especially when they support the girls, and show their soft side. I love Jess, and I love to hate Dean. I love Michel and Sookie and the relationship they have together, keeping their inn running smoothly despite their different personalities.

I love all the minor characters like Marty, and Colin and Finn, and all they represent in Rory’s life. But my favourite characters are probably Lane and Paris. I think I actually liked Paris more than Rory at lots of points in the series. Lane’s relationship with her mother is so funny, and then so touching, and Paris’ character is just so intense and intimidating that it makes for hilarious storylines.

I also love this series for the way it shows the progression of the characters. I’ll be watching Jess in series 2, and already I’ll be craving later episodes, where you see him and Luke start to bond. I love how tense relationships such as that between Mrs Kim and Lane, develop and mature with time, and those small moments of understanding between these characters are beautiful to watch. I must be awful to watch this series with, as early on I’m always referencing things that happen later on, and I just love to watch the progression of these characters over time.

The writers of the series make you feel a real connection to not just the Gilmore Girls, but also the other characters, and I felt truly invested in the stories of all the characters. Especially Lane and Paris. Their stories are just so rewarding.

This series is also brilliant due to the strong female image presented by the main characters. The Gilmore Girls are strong women, and I loved Lorelai, and the fact that she brought Rory up at such a young age, and made a life for them, really encourages a strong image of women, and throughout the series there are endless references to powerful and inspiring women.

When Rory gives the speech at her high school graduation it brings me to tears every time, as she thanks her mother for all the strong female role models she filled their house with, and I always feel such a connection to my own upbringing, and the role models my parents surrounded me with. This series certainly spreads that important image of strong and independent women.

Finally, the setting of this series is fantastic. The town of Stars Hollow is a funny and magical place, and I love the representation of small-town America. The way that characters such as Luke make fun of the traditions of the town, usually led by Taylor Doose, really makes for good viewing, and the ridiculousness of the small-town world, with carnival after carnival, really paints a funny picture. When Jess comes from New York, he finds it a bit of a culture shock.

The only thing I would say about this series is the way in which Rory moves towards the life her mother ran away from. When she gets in with Logan’s crowd, and her grandmothers friends, it just seems so disappointing. I understand why the writers wrote it that way, but even so the parts in the series where Rory becomes more and more like the daughter Emily wanted are the parts that I don’t like. It just feels like Rory moves too close to becoming what Lorelai wanted her to avoid, and it almost feels disappointing in this way.

However, I would say that the original series still has a fantastic ending, and I love how some aspects of the storyline are left open, despite everything coming to an end. It’s an emotional and exciting ending to a fantastic, touching and incredibly written series.

Overall this really is the series that keeps on giving. I never tire of watching it over and over, and it’s the wit and humour, as well as the touching moments, that I crave when I feel down, or just when I need to put something on in the background. I have never watched a series which draws me in so much, and makes me feel like I am really a part of the lives of the characters. I can relate to this series in many ways, and I will continue to watch it for many many years to come. Sorry not sorry.

Have you watched Gilmore Girls? Would you like to give it a go? Who’s your favourite character? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading!