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So, today I got a notification to tell me I have reached 100 followers on my blog! I am so amazed - when I started this blog in August I imagined that I and I alone would be the one... Continue Reading →

Worth it Wednesday #3

Hi again! This is a weekly tag hosted by Sean@Kingombookblogger where you choose a book that receives a lot of hype and it deserves all the hype it gets! I don't read many hyped books so this will become increasingly difficult,... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Post- ‘Sky’

Hi again! I hope everyone's having a happy holiday, only one more sleep!! This is another creative writing piece, something I'm trying to do once every month or so, so I hope you enjoy it! Check out my last creative... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing- ‘Station’

Hi there! I'm recently loving doing creative writing, finding it relaxes me and I just love to pour my words onto a sheet of paper! What gives me even more of a buzz is the idea that someone- anyone- could... Continue Reading →

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