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The Liebster Award(s) :)

I was nominated by the brilliant Princess Book Reviews and The Alice Fan for this award and I am so so so so happy- I am so proud and grateful that my blog has received this much attention- after reaching 100 followers! 🙂 I... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

I was nominated by Reads & Reels for this award, thank you so much for the nomination!! This is the second time I've been nominated for this award, so thank you to everyone out there on the blogosphere, I am... Continue Reading →

2016/2017 Tag

Hi again! The brilliant avathenerd tagged me for this post and it looks great so thought I'd give it a go!! 🙂 This tag was created by David @ theguywhosaidalwaysno! Rules 1. Mention the creator of the tag (already done!). 2.... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hi again! I have been nominated for ANOTHER blogger award, that's two in almost a weeks time so thank you once again to the brilliant avathenerd!! Go check out her blog for lots of great posts! So, let the blogging begin....... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Recognition Award

Hi everyone! I realise I only posted my first post a couple of days ago but I was nominated for the blogger recognition award by the lovely and so I'm going to give my very short blog story (!)... Continue Reading →

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